The Tender Days of May by Vlad Kahany

Book 1 in the The Belle House series

The most dangerous men are the ones that seduce with words.

Flashy and irresistible, Lord Ashbee is used to getting what he wants. A hedonist, a ruthless businessman, and an exquisite lover, he is admired and warned about in the high society of Victorian London. When he encounters a beautiful young woman in the Belle House, the famous brothel on Piccadilly, he is more than intrigued. With the help of in-house maid Krissy, he is determined to seduce the mysterious beauty.

Shy virtuous May is in hiding. She is confined to a small room in the back of a brothel and does her best to avoid trouble. Especially Lord Ashbee. The last thing she needs is a man who can destroy her cover, not to mention her innocence. But a few encounters—and he already has her under his spell. When the tragedy is about to strike, no one is willing to help her.
Except for Lord Ashbee.
On one condition—she will be his mistress.

Will Lord Ashbee get what he wants? Powerful men always do. But what happens when the passion becomes all-consuming? When the feelings go beyond lust? When May’s secret takes her away from him and he is faced with his dark past and deepest fears?

“The Tender Days of May” is a sensual, enthralling novel about pleasure, love, and the oldest profession on earth.

WARNING: The book contains violence and scenes of an explicit nature. The Belle House is a brothel, and many characters are of the world’s oldest profession. That being said, if you have issues with any of the above, please, don’t purchase or read the book, for it’s not your cup of tea, and your anger is not mine. Thank you.

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“Great story on the true meaning of love!!! Bravo!!!” – ★★★★★ Goodreads review
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