The King's Sun by Isaac Grisham

Book 1 in the The Brass Machine series

Prince Kitsune dreamed of leading an army in his father's wars for supremacy.

Before he can wage a single battle, the king crushes those hopes, banishing his devoted son.

But not all is lost. Kitsune will regain his birthright if he assassinates the son of his father's rival.

A son possessed by fiery magic.

Outside his kingdom for the first time, Kitsune struggles to survive mercenaries and political intrigue. He encounters the enigmatic, dark-haired Myobu. He discovers magical Yokai and dark family secrets…

…and strange new feelings for his companion.

As the two men forge their path together, an unrealized and dangerous magic blossoms within Kitsune. The powers of the Yokai are capable of unspeakable destruction, and they grow stronger in him with each passing day.

Can the prince use his gifts to slay his target and win his father's affection?

Or will it destroy everything he loves?

“Isaac Grisham has created a complex, surprising story set in a richly-detailed world and driven by characters I can't stop thinking about.” ~TBwrites, Amazon Reviewer