Simple Truths by Michelle Dalton

Book 1 in the Lost & Found series

Can broken hearts ever love again?

A stolen kiss beneath the stars followed by gut wrenching heartbreak, rips apart Rochelle Le Roux and Thomas Campbell’s young lives.

Having worked in Doctors without Borders, Rochelle Le Roux has seen the best and the worst humankind has to offer. After an African witch doctor seeks her out, Rochelle tries to convince herself it’s not the reason for her returning home after a decade of working around the globe, and that all she  wants, is to live a quiet life in South Africa.

But when her path crosses that of the only man she’s ever loved, and who publicly rejected her, Rochelle is forced to consider that maybe fate has brought her back for a reason.

Lieutenant Thomas Campbell has spent the bulk of his life repairing the damage doen to him as a child. Orphaned as a toddler and left to the mercies of an aunt and uncle who saw him as an abomination, his only experience of love and kindness was with a local wine farmers daughter. A woman he was forced to reject and whom he never stopped loving.

But Thomas life is torn apart when fate’s cruel hand crosses his path with hers. Thomas is wracked with emotions he believed long since dealt with, and is torn with indecision. He desperately wants to reach out to her, but has he truly forgiven himself for the way he treated her all those years ago.

As Thomas and Rochelle grapple with painful emotions from their past and surfacing desires from their time spent together now, they’re thrown in the midst of a ring of human traffickers and a cauldron of danger.

Can these long lost lovers grasp the chance at re-claiming their happy ever after? Or will the pain of the past succeed in keeping them apart?

“Michelle weaves the universal experience of “love” with some indigenous-to-South Africa harsh realities, as she tells this very poignant love-story.”

“I was moved many times during my read and experienced many feelings throughout the book.”

“This story is well written and captures your interest from the start with danger, human trafficking, suspense, and a sweet romance.”

“I really enjoyed this book. I loved the setting in Africa with such an amazing plot, world and character building, it grabbed form beginning to end, I could not put it down.”