Secrets of Grace Manor by Maryann Ridini Spencer

Book 3 in the a Kate Grace Novel series

“Secrets of Grace Manor,” the third Kate Grace novel following “Lady in the Window” (Book 1) and “The Paradise Table (Book 2), takes Kate on a magical journey from shores of present-day Kauai to the stately manors of 19th century Europe when the gift of a family heirloom exposes a centuries-old mystery exposing a shocking web of intolerance and betrayal, ultimately forging the pathway to understanding and inspiring a new, authentic way to live.

“Maryann Ridini Spencer’s Secrets of Grace Manor takes you on Kate Grace’s continuing mystical journey inside the spiritual Aloha life. Filled with mystery, love, intrigue, hope, and faith, it taps into social and racial issues that still pervade our society. The visual swath of Ms. Spencer’s pen makes you feel like you’re right there with Kate throughout her journey. It’s a magical read weaving together the past and present to facilitate insight, healing, and a new way to live!” ~~Elliot Slutzky, President of Distribution, Open Road Films, Los Angeles