Red Mage Ascending by Cleave Bourbon

Book 1 in the Tournament of Mages series

Red Mage Ascending:
The servant girl Hana is a mystery. She does not act like a typical maid. She tries to hide it, but her education is often evident in the way she speaks. Crumpled drawings with agonizing scenes of brutality have been discovered in her trash bin. The children have noted how she is prone to fitful dreams in the middle of the night. She is bilingual. Once, in the marketplace, she was overheard giving directions speaking in perfect high elvish! There is also a tale of the children returning home one evening to the most beautiful piano music they had ever heard, but when they opened the front door, Hana quickly pretended she was only dusting the keys. She seems to also have magical healing abilities. When one of the children came down with a fever, she healed him when the clerics could not. Strangely though, she seems fascinated at the sight of blood, touching it and studying it carefully. The townsfolk believe she must be a noble in hiding or a member of the clergy, or some fugitive on the run, but some wonder whether or not she might be the Red Mage, hiding away in plain site until the moment she ascends to fight for her people in the Tournament of Mages.

“This book is well worth reading!” – Goodreads Reviewer