One Fine Fae by Karen Fox

Book 1 in the Enchanted Magic series

Kate Carmichael is about to lose the Victorian house she knows her recently-deceased guardian meant her to have. Now, without a will, her guardian’s next-of-kin is about to toss her out.

While searching for the will, she frees charming Robin Goodfellow from the portrait where he’s been trapped for two hundred years by Titania, Queen of the Fae. Though he’s free, magic ensures he can’t leave her side.

He needs to free himself from his tie to Kate, and she needs to find the will. Working together, they discover that maybe the only magic they need is each other….

Winner for the 2001 Award of Excellence in the Paranormal Category
Finalist for 2001 National Readers’ Choice Award

“I've never enjoyed a book so much!”
– Beth Anne Steckiel, Beth Anne's Book Corner RWA's Bookseller of the Year 2000
“Highly enjoyable and well written. I could almost believe that magic existed. The author had many different things going that will keep her readers glued to the story. Here is an author that aims to please!”
– Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews