Lowcountry Life: A Sweet Tale of Faith, Love & Fur Babies by Melissa Storm

Book 1 in the The Church Dogs of Charleston series

Some say that whenever it snows in Charleston, God is giving a miracle to his most favorite of places. So, I reckon, the blizzard that bleached the entire sky that December must have been a blessing of epic proportions. It was certainly a miracle that I’d forgotten my cell phone after giving my Christmas Eve sermon and had to race back to the sanctuary in order to retrieve it.

Otherwise, how would anyone have ever known that right there in our famous nativity scene, a trembling, little Chihuahua had given birth to a litter of puppies? Yes, right there in the manger. O Holy Night for sure!

This is a story about how those special pups came to change our church—and all the people in it—for the better. Most especially my poor daughter, Abigail. Being the preacher’s kid is never easy. I know, because I grew up as one, too. But losing your spouse right while expecting to become a parent for the first time?

Well, that’s enough to make even the strongest of believers question God’s plans. I know I did. But then those blessed little dogs found us… And, well, I’ll let you read the story to find out what happened next!

LOWCOUNTRY LIFE is a touching and poignant story from a New York Times bestselling author that will warm your heart, bless your soul, and leave you smiling.

“This sweet, Christian tale subtly provides its own sermons, opening eyes to potential and possibilities, even in the face of loss and mourning.” ★★★★★ Betababe