Love at Turtle Dove Inn by susan warner

Book 1 in the Inheritance Bay series

A cook whose life is a short order so far.
A business man whose life is barely making it.
Together, they can make their dreams come true.

Dodging ridiculous declarations of love from a boss she’s extremely not interested in has become Riley Jackson’s life. She’s a short order cook, working in a greasy spoon, living in her parents’ old apartment—Riley’s life is not going well.

Conner Sander’s life is not going well either. His inn, Turtle Dove Inn, is hardly living up to its promise: A place where true love happens. So far, the only thing that’s happened here for Conner is breaking even. Not exactly what this finance guru was hoping for.

When a letter to Riley’s parents inviting them back to Inheritance Bay comes, Riley and her dog, Merlin, will move back to town for a needed change.

But when the inn starts turning a profit, will Cord be able to recognize Riley for the sweeter assets she has to offer? Will Riley be able to recognize Cord for the good man he is?

Come find out if the Turtle Dove Inn will make good on its promise!
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“A sweet chance at a new life” – Amazon Reveiwer