Juliet & Dead Romeo by CJ Love

Book 1 in the Verona's Vineyard Cozy Mysteries series

All is going beautifully at the annual Stresa Festival in Verona’s Vineyard—well, other than the fact that Juliet Da Vinci’s one true love belongs to the family hers has feuded with for years, and she doesn’t have the nerve to tell her parents she plans to marry Nicolo Montague. Oh, and then her mother introduces her to Paris Nobleman, Mom’s choice as Juliet’s future mate. But Paris is just so clingy, like an annoying rash that won’t go away.

But it isn’t until the body of a feuding neighbor, Mariotto Romeo, is found dead under the bridge—by Juliet and Paris—well, that’s when things really begin to get sticky.

Against the backdrop of a town turned against the Da Vincis, Juliet sets out to prove her family had nothing to do with the death of Mariotto Romeo, even though the police name her father as their primary person of interest. Juliet comes up with her own list of suspects, including all of Mariotto’s immediate family, the drug-addict haunting the woods outside the church, and possibly her own cousin, Tybalt Gatti, who tells Juliet of another family member’s clandestine love affair, a secret marriage, and possible suicides.

After another death, this time on the Da Vinci side of the feud, and her father’s arrest for murder, Juliet believes she knows who the killer is. Regrettably, Juliet sends her detective boyfriend in the wrong direction and must face the killer on her own, without her daddy, without anyone.

“C. J. Love’s Juliet and Dead Romeo innovates by melding modern parlance with reference to a great classic, throwing out alluring clues and revealing the development of a nervous, doubt-ridden girl into an adventurous, self-confident woman poised to solve more mysteries in future volumes.” –Feathered Quill Book Reviews