Ivy's Mountain Man by Normandie Alleman

Book 5 in the Barnes Family series

An international pop star. A single dad with a daughter who is in desperate of a donor.

And a kidney transplant that will change their lives forever.

Donate a kidney, they said. It’ll get you a lot of publicity, they said.

What they didn’t tell me was that I’d wind up in a lot of pain and falling for a single dad and his daughter—a family whose lives couldn’t be more different from mine.

Honestly, I did it to piss off my mother.

But I had no idea that I’d have complications and need to stay with the little girl who was the recipient and her dad. Or that we would grow so close and begin to feel like a family.

The kind of family I never knew existed, and certainly never realized I wanted.

I always thought I’d wind up with some billionaire, but there’s something irresistible—primal—about a rugged man who lives off the land, who makes me feel protected, and loved not for my name, but for who I am inside…

“Brilliant stories!” ~Amazon reader on the Barnes Family romance series