Heat by Holly S Roberts

Book 1 in the Hotter Than Hell series

The sexy adventure begins with HEAT:


I knew what I wanted and I had my entire life mapped out. An injury ruined it all and now I’m an ex-police officer with a bum shoulder making a living as a private investigator. I thought it couldn’t get worse. Then, I woke up in the devil’s bed.


They say I’m a killer. They say I don’t have a heart. They don’t know me but a certain young PI is about to understand me very well. She’s mine and I will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

The Hotter Than Hell World:

Catch Xavier Moon runs the largest crime syndicate in the Southwest. He has a few simple rules. Cross him and pay with your life. Honor his code and reap the benefits. Don’t mess with family. Love with everything!

The Hotter Than Hell series is filled with violence, passion, and filthy language. These stories are not for everyone!