Finding Angel by Lexi Noir

Book 1 in the Angel's Rule series

When their mom is dying, Jemma has to find her sister. But doing so changes her life forever.

Growing up the Gaines sisters had a tough life, and Tara moved away leaving Jem alone. Now Jemma has to find her before their mom loses her life.

Jem’s surprised when she finds her sister taking her clothes off for a living. Tara works for the Angels’ Fury MC strip club. Jemma doesn’t account for the MC president, Angel.

As soon as Angel sets eyes on the beauty she turns his life upside down. With her sexy body and her sassy mouth, he knows he’s in trouble.

A spur of the moment decision sees Jemma stripping on the stage. It’s not something she wants to do, but if it buys her sister time to see their mom, then she’ll do it.

However, Angel isn’t as happy to see her on his stage as he thought he would be.

Has Angel met his match? Will Jemma make it home in time to see her mom?

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and if I known she was this down and dirty I would’ve read her before!! – Amazon reviewer