Falling for Her Best Friend by Tami Franklin

Book 1 in the Love in Holiday Junction series

She’s broke, broken-hearted, and moving back in with her mother, but Violet Chalmers isn’t one to feel sorry for herself.

Nope. Vi picks herself up, dusts herself off, and takes a job teaching drama at her old high school.

Okay, so maybe she feels a little sorry for herself.

Enter her best friend, Kade. He’s there like he’s always been, making her laugh, singing her songs, and letting her cry (and snot) on his shoulder. Vi can’t help but wonder if maybe she’s missed something all these years. Could Kade be more than the boy next door? The bigger question is: Could he ever see Vi as more than a friend?

Add in a hairy-backed cupid, a power-hungry town mayor who’ll do anything for a new stop light, and a group of meddling but good-hearted matchmakers, and it’ll be a crazy road to Kade and Vi’s happily ever after.

FALLING FOR HER BEST FRIEND is the fun and flirty first book in the LOVE IN HOLIDAY JUNCTION series of standalone romances. If you love small town love stories with strong heroines, swoony heroes, and a quirky cast of characters, download today!

“Franklin populates her story with decent, well-intentioned people, making it easy to root for the mismatched couples as they try to figure out who they're meant to be with. Fans of holiday themes will be drawn to this festive tale. ” – Publisher's Weekly