Nemesis by Sam J Fires

Who is Scott Chapman?
Scott’s just an ordinary nine-to-five guy with a regular family, trying to scrape a living. But his world’s about to get blown apart.
Desperate times call for desperate measures as Scott is forced to accept a job offering the sort of money he’s never seen before in his life. But at what cost? The stakes are high and if you’re not careful, this can see you thrown in jail.
Scott’s a victim. It’s not his fault of course. He’s brimming with fury and needs to take revenge. He’s going to kill the guy who sent him to his jail sentence.
Little does Scott know he’s about to meet his Nemesis. And suddenly the world is thrown into a spin as the urban landscape is transformed and millions of people wiped out.
But Scott’s an opportunist and he sees an opportunity. Will this see him killed or will he escape with his life?
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“Scott is a husband, a father, he has a good job and is living the American Dream. Then it all changes.
Then…. the sand….
WOW.. You have to read this and then continue on to Crimson Rage book 1, which I am going to do as soon as I'm done here!”