Debunking Field Manual (and Bathroom Companion) by Dito Abbott

Blacklisted by every exploration society on the planet, the seventh edition of Sir Quidby's controversial survival guide is essential reading for anyone setting foot beyond their front door.

The previous six editions of the Debunking Field Manual (and Bathroom Companion) had to be furtively purchased from a mysterious old man in the back alley of a bookstore that wasn't there yesterday. But thanks to digital age wizardry, you can download this vital guide without running afoul of the establishment.

Dive into a wealth of hard-won wisdom from a lifetime spent exploring all eight continents (that's right, eight!), then hurl your electronic reading device into a pool of lava before the Guild of Borderless Explorers hunts you down.

For fans of: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Andrew Peterson

“You could have lit a match in the darkness, giving hope to all mankind, but instead you sprinted through tall grass with a flaming torch and a can of gasoline, screaming fairy tales.” – Albram Lumliddy, Principal Scolder, Association of Retired Explorers

“A feast of balderdash, seasoned with lies.” – Lord Pilligree Merocet, Deputy Under-Assistant Archivist of the Guild of Borderless Explorers