Trade Secrets by Susan Lower

To stop her company’s trade secrets from falling in the wrong hands, Milena must trust a former company security guard to keep them safe.

She runs to the one man who always said she could trust him, Nash Dunford. With no way to prove her story, will Nash take her on her word or hand her back to the enemy?

In a race to secure both Milena and her company’s future, Nash will have to guard more than a few secrets to keep from falling for the daughter of a billionaire tech tycoon. He might be able to ensure those secrets don’t fall into the wrong hands, but is Milena and her company’s trade secrets worth the risk?

“Buckle up because from the very first chapter, this fast paced novel has you racing to figure out what is happening! The beautiful and brilliant daughter of a tech tycoon is suddenly caught up in business espionage that she knows nothing about. Will she figure it out in time to save her life? Who can she trust to help her untangle the web of deceit and lies ensnaring her family and the business? There is only one man that she can trust, but will her former love interest and security guard be willing to help her in her hour of need? You'll have to read it yourself to find out how this exciting story turns out!” ~Sheepwoman