Kate Rees, a young American markswoman, has been recruited by British Intelligence, to drop into Paris with a dangerous assignment in WW2: assassinate the Fuhrer. Wrecked by grief after a Luftwaffe bombing killed her husband and infant daughter, she is armed with a rifle, a vendetta and a fierce resolve.

But other than rushed and rudimentary instruction, she has no formal spy training. Thrust into the red-hot center of the war, a country girl from rural Oregon finds herself holding the fate of the world in her hands.

When Kate misses her mark and the plan unravels, Kate is on the run for her life – all the time wrestling with the suspicion that the whole operation was a set-up.

National Bestseller, ABA Indie Next Selection, Amazon Best of the Month Selection, Wall Street Journal Best of Thriller pick.
“An exquisitely tense cat-and-mouse chase between an American operative and a Nazi officer in Paris in WW…a must read.” Susan Tunis – Bookshop West Portal “Stunning.” Lis Newstat -Chevalier's Books