The Haunting of the Creole House by Blake Croft


A desperate move to secure their future becomes a descent into hell for a young family.

Abbie Coltrane and her husband Richard know their financial situation is dire, so when Richard decides to take the whole family on vacation in Louisiana, Abbie is baffled.
It doesn’t take long for her apprehension to prove founded. Something dark lurks in the old Creole house.
Abbie and Richard’s young sons are the first to witness this phenomenon. When Aiden, the youngest, treats the teddy bear he found in their room as a friend, his brother Dave senses something terrible. Constant nightmares and fighting take a toll on them all, and what begins as a strange occurrence takes an ugly turn that spurs them to run for their lives. However, the sinister entity has other plans.
Can the Coltranes bring an end to the madness before tragedy strikes?

There is something in the Creole house. Ever watching, always hungry… it waits.

From supernatural suspense and psychological horror authors Blake Croft and Ashley Raven comes The Haunting of the Creole House. If you like chilling supernatural suspense, you’ll love this story. Get your copy now: only $0,99 until March 25 and is available in Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon reviewers:
• “Awesome and riveting to the end.”
• “This story draws you and hold you tight. I love the creepness , it's a little different type of ghost story.”
• “I read a lot of ghost and haunting stories, so it’s always a thrill when the authors can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Well done.”