Shielding Shelly by Emmie Lyn

Shelly Scott has it all—close friends, a great job, and a past that could catch up with her at any minute. Bestselling author Max Bailey appears to have it all, too, except someone who can share his life.

After a chance meeting, Max falls for Shelly instantly. But the only male she’s willing to let into her heart is her golden-furred companion, Jake, her emotional support dog and constant companion.

When Shelly’s past comes calling, a paralyzing fear takes over and the scandalous truth comes to light in a way that could just destroy them both. Will Max and Shelly’s budding relationship survive? And will Shelly even manage to make it out alive… Order your copy and start reading today!

“A sweet dog, a sweet job, sweet romance, and sweet treats has just one thing missing from this book, recipes!
I loved this story. It shows how much different a therapy dog makes in the life of his person, and how much friendships matter. I loved how the romance was allowed to grow between two shy people.. But that was only made possible by the skill of the author who could capture a scene so well you were transported there. She not only gave characters depth and image, but captured their vulnerability or personality.
I have read several of the Gold Coast retriever stories, and this is among the best.”
– 5 Star Amazon Review