Set the Night on Fire by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Lila Hilliard returns home to Chicago for the holidays only to find someone is stalking her. Her father and brother are trapped in a fire, and a man on a motorcycle tries to shoot her. As she desperately tries to figure out who is after her and why, she uncovers information about her father’s past indicating he was part of the volatile movement of young people during the late Sixties. Which means her parents were not the people she thought they were.

Part thriller, part historical novel, part love story, Set The Night on Fire tells an extraordinary tale about the stormy Chicago 1968 Democratic convention, SDS, the Black Panthers, and a group of idealists who were sure they would change the world.

“A brilliantly-paced thriller, transitioning seamlessly from modern-day Chicago to the late '60s. First-rate characterization…Best to start early in the day, as it is easy to stay up all night reading it.” –Foreword Magazine