Derailed Plot by Summer Campbell

When journalist Astrid skips town and boards a prestigious luxury tourist train to take up a job offer, she has big plans…

… but tripping over a dead body and finding herself in the frame for murder wasn't on the list.

A mere day after boarding the train, she’s confined to quarters and looking down the barrel of a murder charge. Thankfully, she's working with ace photographer Samantha, which means she has a valuable ally to help her out of the mess; when it becomes clear that no one is on hand to help them, the dynamic duo turn detective to find the real killer.

But someone on the train doesn't want them to succeed, and when a staff member lets slip a high-stakes secret, the women realise it’s more than just Astrid's freedom at stake. They need to solve this puzzle and hunt down the murderer before they reach the end of the line.

Derailed Plot is the first in the Travel Tragedy Series series, which sees Astrid embracing her new life travelling all over the world, and discovering a multitude of new talents as she leaves her cheating ex in the dust.

Don’t miss this clean cosy mystery romp written in British English.

“This story is well written and edited and keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. I did not solve the murder way prior to the end of the book which is a huge plus. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a taste for travel, suspense and a well written story. ” – Amazon Reviewer