Blind Edge by Candace Irving

US Army Detective Regan Chase spent years lying for her country.

Until she was caught.

Her reputation as the military's premier undercover chameleon in tatters, Regan's been shunted to a Stateside post and reassigned to the grunt work of Army CID—investigations. First up, the brutal stabbing of a soldier's wife.

Instead of the domestic homicide she expects, Regan confronts the first in a series of murders and suicides brought on by the violent hallucinations plaguing a twelve-man Special Forces A-Team just back from Afghanistan. A team led by Regan's ex-lover. The very soldier responsible for the decimation of her undercover career.

As the murders and suicides mount, Regan clashes with an unforgiving, uncooperative and dangerously secretive John Garrison—and an even more secretive US Army.

The Army knows she and John have history. So why hasn't she been reassigned?

Someone wants Regan on the case. But they also want her off her game. They’re depending on it. Why else is she being followed?

What happened in that Afghan cave? Why is the Army willing to risk an entire Special Forces team to keep it secret?

Regan won't stop until she finds out. But by then, it may be too late. Another name may have already been added to that growing list of victims.

Her own.

“Finally, a strong woman who is not a superhero!” Andrea on Amazon