A History of Murder, Jericho Falls Cozy Mysteries Book 1 by Brook Peterson

When Chloe Martin makes the long overdue and much-dreaded trip to Jericho Falls, Nevada to aid her ailing Grandma, she doesn’t plan on staying long. In fact, she has every intention of hightailing it right back to Idaho and leaving the historic mining town she loves to hate, for good.

But then, a man turns up dead in the flower bed and memories about lost loves and lost lives begin to surface. To complicate matters, Chloe finds herself in a love triangle almost as tricky as the mystery she has to solve.

Will Chloe, with the help of Elliot the tuxedo cat, and Jed the adorable pup, be able to find the killer? Just as important, will Chloe finally find peace in Jericho Falls?

“This intense tale of secrets, vengeance, and love is sure to please!” – Irene S., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing