With This Ring: A Bay Mansion Wedding by Annabeth Avery


When a momzilla crosses a frustrated bride-to-be, chaos ensues…

Nancy Blake has dreamed of her daughter having a fairy tale wedding fit for a Princess since Lilly was born. However, Lilly and Trevor want to be married soon and with as little fanfare as possible. How will Nancy be able to carry out her plans for the wedding to end all weddings, you ask? She enlists the services of Jillian Ashbury, owner of The Bay Mansion, one of San Francisco's elite wedding venues.

But as the big day approaches, the tension between mother and daughter escalates, nearing the point of no return. Will they be able to work out their differences before Lilly and Trevor walk down the aisle? Or, will the bride and groom make a run for Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator?

Warning: This fairy tale contains an overwhelmed bride one-step away from wearing prison orange; a prince charming who sticks his foot in his mouth; and a momzilla who continually forgets… she’s not the bride.

“Loved not only reading this book, but also living in the moment of it. The charachters and all of their surroundings were so vivid in my mind that I felt I was right in a front row seat. Great book!” ~ Amazon Reviewer