Kissing under the Spotlight by Joanne Dannon


If you look through my phone, you would think I was stalking Alex Jackson. But I never expected to cross paths with him in real life… I've been obsessed with Alex Jackson for years. His singing voice is deep and sexy, and that smile! But I never imagined I would meet him.

Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, he asks me to fill in as his personal physical therapist while he's on tour in Australia. Forget stalking–I get to massage him in person!

And better still, the bonus pay will help me achieve my dream–my own home office.

As I get to know Alex, I realise there's vulnerability beneath his hard demeanour. I'm determined to keep things professional, but with each passing day, my restraint erodes. He laughs at my jokes and shares his personal stories and makes me forget he's famous.

But then we kiss, and everything turns upside down. We agree to keep things secret, because there are a hundred reasons why we can't stay together. I need stability in my life; Alex has no interest in settling down. I'm terrified of the spotlight; Alex is used to being fawned over by millions of fans. This isn't the life for me.

Neither of us expect to fall in love.

“It's a great fun read filled with Joanne Dannon's humor, and witty banter.”~Amazon reviewer