Avenging Adam by Jodi Burnett


Sparks fly between hotshot FBI Agent Rick Sanchez and no-holds-barred, FBI-K9 Handler Kendra Dean, as they race to stop a serial killer.

While hiking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, FBI Special Agent Kendra Dean and her K9 partner, Baxter, stumble upon a dead body stashed in the woods. The discovery changes both of their lives forever.

Special Agent Rick Sanchez hunts a serial murderer who is targeting women on a multi-state killing spree. Kendra Dean, an agent Rick met on a joint mission six months ago, has found the most recent victim. Rick and Kendra once shared a tempting chemistry but time and miles made their spark a distant memory.

Now, thrust together to solve a deadly case, Rick and Kendra rekindle their attraction only to find their personal demons are even greater obstacles than their geography. It’s hard for Kendra to see around the chip she carries on her shoulder as she works to prove herself in a man’s world. Rick harbors a debilitating guilt over a past failure that holds his heart prisoner and he’s terrified to love again.

The serial killer sets his sights on Kendra. With her life in the balance, she and Rick must deal with their issues. Will they be able to admit their feelings and embrace their growing intimacy before it’s too late?

Five Stars: I really loved Rick and Kendra’s story. The storyline was great!! It was well developed, as were the characters. Their story grabbed me from the very beginning. The twists and turns aided in making this a fascinating story. It also had me trying to figure out what caused the serial killer to become one. When I found out, I had chills. I loved the love interest between Rick and Kendra. Being the animal lover that I am, I loved Baxter, Kendra’s K9 partner. My heart went out to him. Add Gunner, who was Kendra’s boss’s K9 partner, when he caught the serial killer, that scene had me sitting on the edge of my seat. This all comes down to being one fantastic story. I definitely plan on reading it again. If the rest of the books are going to be like this one, this will be one fantastic series! This book is well worth reading and I HIGHLY recommend it! ~Amazon Reviewer