Turning Back Time – a Crestfield Inn novel by Elsie Davis

Sarah is on a mission…discover the truth by unraveling the past

All her life, stories had been told—handed down from generation to generation. Captain Tremont had gone to his watery grave committing a crime…bootlegging. But a message discovered in her grandmother’s trunk addressed to her great-grandfather six times removed, leads Sarah to believe there is another explanation. Intent on discovering the truth, her plan has the added bonus of providing material for her next novel and she travels to Cedar Grove, Vermont.

Blake loves history and that includes his family tree. A quest to fill in the missing links has him back in the early 1800’s. When he discovers Sarah researching the same time period, he offers to team up and she accepts. Strictly business of course.

But as they wind their way through history, it would seem there are some strange things happening when the resident ghost gets involved. Sometimes loves needs a helping hand…

***** Sarah wants to find out what really happened the night her six times removed great grandfather died and clear him of the smuggling charges. Blake is working on his family tree. This might sound dull, but Ms. Davis presented this in a way that captured my interest on page one and I hated to see the book end. By the way, the ending is absolutely perfect for this story. I highly recommend this entertaining novel. ~ Bernadette Cinkoske