The Viscount's Wayward Son by Isabella Thorne

A Sweet Friends-to-Lovers Regency Romance.

Anne Albright, the hot-headed daughter of Lord Aldbrick, wants nothing more than to be wanted. She longs to be accepted and loved for the forthright woman she really is.

Edmund Ingram, the charmingly handsome son of a viscount, has always failed to make his father proud, despite his best intentions.

Childhood sweethearts Anne and Edmund once vowed to marry each other when they were older. Now, Anne is halfway through her second Season and it seems Edmund has forgotten his promise.

Anne is not about to be left on the shelf! She may be a damsel. She may be in distress, but she can handle it. Almost…

In her quest to catch herself a husband and to be accepted by society, Anne has fallen victim to the will of a patriarchal man who wants Anne to be his.

Edmund is shocked when Anne announces that she is courting a pompous bore of a man named Lord Amberleigh. Realizing that he's in love with Anne, Edmund vows to stop the marriage at all costs. However, things are not always what they seem. What if Anne no longer loves him? What if Anne has truly fallen for Lord Amberleigh?

Edmund is an awkward sweet hero, who feels unequipped to fight for his lady, but he has a knack for discovering the truth about people, and the truth might just be enough.

Edmund must beat Amberleigh at his own game…and somehow win back the lady of his dreams.

Join Anne and Edmund on this heartwarming journey.

“It's to good not to read.” ~Amazon Review