Keeping the Pieces by Brenda Lowder

Emma Hayworth is desperately in love.

She’s sure Cam’s finally in love with her, too. Last night he gave her the soul-claiming kiss she’s fantasized about since college. At his thirtieth birthday party on his parents’ yacht, she knows everything between them is about to change.

It does.

Shockingly, Cam announces his engagement to his longtime on-again off-again girlfriend, leaving Emma devastated. Certain he’s caving to parental pressure, Emma is determined to make him realize she is his forever after.

Personal trainer Derek Chase is intrigued when his almost girlfriend invites him to some swanky party aboard a yacht. He’s pretty sure she’s the one—until he’s blindsided by the birthday boy declaring their engagement. Positive she’s making a mistake, he’s about to intercede when he’s stopped by a petite brunette who has schemes of her own.

Together, Emma and Derek hatch a plan to break up the newly engaged couple and keep the pieces for themselves. As their strategy nears success, the two must decide if they still want the pieces or if they’ve already found the person who makes them whole.

“This book reminds me of all the romantic comedy movies with Matthew McConaughey that I love. The writing is hilarious and I would recommend it to anyone.” – Amazon Reviewer