Honeycombs and Homecomings by Ellie Thornton

He is looking for a new challenge in his life.

She wants the challenges to stop.

They just might be the answer to one another's problems.

Cash Evans, famous chef and entrepreneur, has lost the spice in his life. He wants a fresh perspective, and going home to Harvest Ranch for a few days sounds like the perfect place for it.

He plans to keep a low profile until he sees the “Sticky and Sweet” honey shop driving into town. A childhood dream brought to fruition by the one person he longs to see, but has been hiding from for years–a feisty red head that he's pretty sure could bring him to his knees even now.

Five months after the death of her father, Jocelyn Ward finds that her bills are piling up and her family is in turmoil. She’s in a sticky spot that only gets worse after her honey shop is broken into. Then Cash walks back into her life. As a boy, he left without saying goodbye; as a man, he makes her heart race.

While trouble after trouble hits the business and Jo can no longer manage alone, Cash offers and unlikely solution to her problems: Pretend to be engaged.

★★★★★ “[…] This awesome novel has a bit of everything: romance, of course, but friendship, intrigue, family, that small-town holiday atmosphere… But most importantly, wonderful characters. Cash and Jo are both fantastic, well-developed and well-written characters. But then Ellie Thornton has surrounded them with an extraordinary supporting cast: Allie, the hilarious, Henry, the Warners, Ethan, Brandon. There were laugh out loud moments, tears, moments of frustration (I wanted to shake Jo a time or two; even Cash), and some full of pure joy. I do not want to give any sort of synopsis of the novel because it was so far from what I was expecting – in the best possible way – so I do not want to give anything away, but I cannot recommend Honeycombs and Homecomings enough.” – Suzanne Houser