Falling to Pieces by Annette Lyon

If only life could stay the same, Toni would be happy. But fate and her best friend, Carter, have other ideas.

Toni has the perfect best friend in Carter, a great job at a dance studio, and a happy extended family. When her dad is hospitalized with a heart attack, layers of her seemingly perfect life get peeled away one by one. She’s faced with the rocky relationship with her dad, what Carter is convinced is an eating disorder, and then the shocking discovery that her best friend is in love with her.

Carter decides he can’t hang around in limbo, waiting for Toni to wake up to her issues and hoping she’ll fall in love with him in return. He makes the agonizing decision to walk away.

She has no idea what she’ll do without him, but she’s about to find out, because if Toni can’t return Carter’s love, she’ll lose him forever.

This book has it all. Friendship, romance, angst, confusion, laughing, crying, relationships, realizations. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a fantastic read with out all the XXX / erotica. Fabulous real story. – Melissa on Amazon