A Pack of His Own Duet, Volume 1 by Emily Carrington

Hunter’s Claim: Luis Delgado, psychic vampire, can deal with lust. That’s one of the fun parts of being a psychic vampire. What he can’t handle is falling in love with the half wolf who wants nothing to do with him.

Almost nothing. Charlie can’t resist the sex. But Charlie has become alpha of an eros pack, whom he must protect at all costs, and the TruWolves terrorist group wants to destroy everyone who supports peace between the straight and LGBT wolves. How can there be time for love?

Tracker’s Fate: Ethan is afraid his job as a tracker — execution chief among his duties — will keep other wolves away and cripple his soul. Jeremy wants children. He is not bisexual, though, and can’t imagine seeking out a female wolf just to have pups.

When these two are thrown into a murder mystery where the bystanders are not so innocent, can Ethan and Jeremy find their way to true love?

“In my humble opinion, this author has taken the standard, staid, stale, some old same old shifter/paranormal genre storyline, and turned it into a fantastic, engaging, poignant, awesome, vivid, complex, fascinating, intense, interesting, intriguing, and totally awesome book that I will be rereading over and over again. I would definitely recommend one-clicking this ASAP!”

— Patricia Nelson, Amazon Reader Review