Voodoo, Victims and Vows by Colleen Mooney


On a foggy night in the French Quarter…
…Brandy and Jiff were on a walk when they met him.
Why did he hand her the note?
There was something strange about the fellow. His clothes and hat made him look like a newspaper man from the sixties. But it was what he had typed on that piece of paper that deepened the mystery. A sort of prediction, that claimed three things would happen and they couldn’t stop it.
Who was he?
Why did Brandy believe him?
She had always been good at reading people. The Big Easy was known for attracting all sorts of odd people, but this guy seemed like a straight shooter. Brandy would have put the message out of her mind, if they hadn’t seen the body.
Along the banks of the bayou…
…guarded by an alligator, was a corpse.
And somebody was watching them.
You’ll love this cozy mystery, because of the clues, intrigue, and healthy helping of humor add to this tale of voodoo and murder.
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“When Mooney delivers an alligator murder accomplice, I laughed out loud and was totally hooked. I think every story regardless of genre should include a bit of humor and Voodoo, Victims, and Vows did not disappoint, even though the storyline brought in a very serious human traffic element.” – Amazon Reviewer