The Sacrist by Thomas Dorsch


Jerusalem, 1125AD, Jean Calvert, a young Templar Knight is thrust into the dangerous role of “Sacrist,” the new order's protector of sacred relics and esoteric knowledge.
His mission…survive through the ages and employ the holiest of relics to prevent the apocalypse in the early 21st century.
“With Holy Lance…on Holy ground…of Holy blood…”
These are the ominous words that echo within Jean's heart through the lost revelations of St. John.
This historically based heart-pounding tale begins in present day Jerusalem as the world is stunned by the dramatic assassination attempt on the U.S. President. Unknown to mankind, the murder plot has roots reaching back almost one thousand years to the original band of Templars and their secret scrolls that foreshadow Jean's overwhelming destiny and his horrifying mission.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, wow, wow . . . stunningly masterful storytelling.
Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2019
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The Where Angels Dare trilogy is a literary jewel. Historical esoterica, adventure, fantasy, evil, violence, sacrifice, heroism, religion, love, the apocalypse — all wrapped in a creative and highly entertaining verbal tapestry by a superb storyteller. You can see and feel Dorsch's words, not just intellectually read them. As with many of the great works of fiction, the reader can't help but care deeply about the characters and how the complex and detailed story will unfold. The trilogy spans hundreds of years and many hundreds of pages. My biggest regret after finishing the final word, on the final page, of the final book — that I don't have hundreds of more pages still to read.
By the way, to those who have been critical of some typos, word errors, style issues, I say — look past them and just read the story — and follow the advice of Cal O'Rourke: “relax and enjoy a ripping good yarn.”