The Complete Ashdale Reaper Series by G.K. Lund


When a Reaper of Death takes the human form of the late Ben Reed, he finds himself mistakenly suspected of murder. This puts him on the wrong side of Detective Olivia Jones. But as a deadly threat descends upon them, they must join forces to stop the real killer before they become the next victims.

Trying to stay alive as a mere human may prove deadly for this reaper.


Taking human form and waking up next to a crime scene is troubling enough. Not remembering why he decided to become Ben Reed is a disturbing snag in whatever plan he had when making that decision. But something, or someone, has drawn the ‘new’ Ben to the city of Ashdale.

While navigating life among friends and retrieving his old memories, he comes to realize the only thing leaving a reaper to take such a drastic step is unfinished business…

Something has disrupted the balance between life and death, and that something might just be Ben himself.

The Ashdale Reaper Series is a tale of human connections, memories, and souls refusing to stay all that dead.

Get the box set today and watch an entity of Death face life (and coffee)!

“This is a series that pulls you in and won't let you go until you have digested every word.” ~ Bookbub reviewer.