Silkworm Secrets – Dark Secrets from a Distant Past by Rhonda Forrest


In the 1960s the rural suburbs of Brisbane should have been an idyllic place for Ruby and Bobby to grow up. Their treehouse retreat, set high in a mulberry tree is a place to share friendship and watch the events of the yards nearby. However as the two become teenagers, the naive Ruby is exposed to the sinister events that Bobby has to deal with in his family life.

As the years pass and the best friends go their separate ways, childhood events become a distant memory. Will the dark secrets remain uncovered or will Ruby and Bobby be forced to face up to what they witnessed so many years before.

This is a story about the secrets that children keep, the strength that comes from a childhood friendship and a special family love that overcomes the hardships of the past.

Sometimes you read a book that's so breathtakingly powerful it will stay with you for a long time. This story is that one. Rhonda writes with such emotion and compassion that it oozes from the pages, very raw and honest. Happy Valley Books Read (Top Australian Reviewers)

Yes, it's true, this novel explores deeper and darker issues – but life can be like that, complex, difficult, unfair. A rollercoaster ride of emotion, but well worth it. This quintessential Australian novel is a must read. Mary – (Author Australia)

I absolutely loved this book it was thoroughly enjoyable and heart-warming, a beautiful story of friendship and hardship. My One thousand Lives (Top Reviewer United Kingdom)

I loved this from page one right up until the last word. The author nailed the pacing . Telma Rocha (Author Canada)

This is an absolutely fantastic book. Mary Garden (Australian Author and Journalist)

Silkworm Secrets is a tale that will resonate long after you have said goodbye to this book. The combination of a compelling storyline, characters you grow to care for and the true Australian setting makes this an easy five star read. Mrs B's Book Reviews (Top Australian Reviewer)