Selfsame by Eden Wolfe


Four hundred years after the Final War, Earth has been reduced to a few pieces of habitable continent.

Men are dying off.

Women are genetically altered to survive.

The genetic deviants are cast away in the ghetto.

On Lower Earth, the largest remaining known landmass, disparate peoples fight against each other, the land, and the illnesses the war left behind.

Queen Maeva rules with the blood of the masses on her hands, but her ancestry and advanced human abilities mean only she can save them from destruction and colonization by the old men of Upper Earth.

18-year-old Aria was designed from the genetic sequence of the settler queens. Her whole life had been dedicated to taking over the throne and leading Lower Earth back to prosperity.

Just as she was poised to claim her birthright, it happened.


Now Aria must face enemies from far away shores and much closer to home as she fights the very totalitarian regime she had been set to lead.

Will Aria be able to stop the reigning Queen now that she’s discarded?

You’ll love the first book in this post-apocalyptic thrill ride, because sometimes survival depends upon just the right woman for the job.

“A fresh new approach to the consequences of social control”
— Katheyer (Reader,