Muffle: A Love like Luna's by Laikyn Meng


One life for another; a mother's for her daughter's.
A chilling sacrifice, proven to twist deeper wounds.

I was born into its presence, and I died within its arms.

Asher's fist were clenching his hair, screaming into the phone, a parade of scared no's aimed everywhere.
“Don't worry, Luna. Stay with us, don't let go.”
But we both knew.
Olallie's blue eyes glistened with tears, knowing too.

“Olallie.” Blood red outlines my lips as my cheeks catch imprints of gravel.
“Momma.” The first word, ever to be heard from my daughter's mouth.
It hurt to nod, but I tried to smile.
My fingers were numb, and I couldn't hold them up to sign.
“For you, living was worth the wait.”
Even though she couldn't hear the confession.

One final exhale, starving to witness a few more seconds of my first and last love.
Do you ever wonder if your whole life is a build-up of one moment?

MUFFLE: A Love like Luna's is a Prequel to the remaining books in Mum's the Word Series.
This is not a HEA.
+18 Sexual Content and Mature Language. Sensitivity Warning.

This is one of the most moving books I've ever read! It pulled strongly on my heart strings and I cried a river. This is the first book I've read by author Laikyn Meng but I will be reading more in the future. The main characters, Luna and Asher, were complicated. They were two broken souls that found each other. The book also started the story of Olallie Lovett-Krause, Luna's daughter. This book was absolutely amazing and I can hardly wait to read the books that follow. This book is a must read and I highly recommend! – Amazon Reviewer