Isolation by Tera Lyn Cortez


She always thought she was an anomaly, a freak of nature…

…but she was wrong.

Would Everleigh be able to figure out her powers?

When her adoptive parents died tragically, it broke her heart. For weeks she mourned and then the unexpected happened. A visitor had something for her. The cryptic file folder contained a list of instructions from her birth mother. Should she follow them and travel to her ancestral home?

Everleigh wasn’t sure she believed what she was reading.

A strange cabin awaited her discovery.

What waits for her is more than a reunion. There’s family she’s never known. Secret heirlooms that could change everything. And a threat that is beyond her imagination.

Can she get ready in time?

You’ll love this coming-of-age story, because Everleigh’s adventure will keep you turning the pages.

Download it now.

Oh, the power of magic. In effortless style this first book of the Soul Scribe Trilogy snares the mind and holds it there in anticipation of what is yet to come. I had no idea it would be a page turner but I quickly found out that it was and that by the end I could not wait to read Book 2. Top-notch read.
-To The Author- An instant fan of your work.

~Amazon Reviewer