IN WALKED SIN by Stoni Alexander


I have no soul.

And that suits me.

How else could I wield absolute power in the nation’s capital?

I own this town and everyone in it. The public thinks the politicos run Washington. Who do you think is pulling their strings?

I am.

Some hate me for it…until they find themselves in the center of a scandal. That’s when I become their savior.

When I step out of a limo, men stare in envy while women gawk and blush. There’s always a pretty young thing draped on my arm, sometimes two. Window dressing to fill a void or keep me warm on a chilly night.

They’re all gunning for the same thing—to be The One. But these women don’t hold my attention and they can’t snag my heart.

Then, she crashes into my sinful world and I’m pulled by an invisible force even I can’t resist. She becomes my obsession, my reason to breathe.

Everything changes the moment her gaze meets mine.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ms. Alexander gives her readers so much!
I am so utterly satisfied after I've spent time with her characters and their stories. The Touch series just keeps getting better and better. Suspense romance is one of my favorite genres and Ms. Alexander serves it like a 5-star Michelin restaurant! Fabulous! ~ Linda, Amazon Reviewer

Each book in Stoni Alexander's The Touch Series is a stand-alone romantic suspense.