Falling for Her Best Friend by Tami Franklin


Violet Chalmers never thought she’d move back to Holiday Junction, but when her Broadway dreams fizzle, going home is the only option. When she runs into an old flame, Liam, and sparks reignite, Vi is convinced the man of her dreams is the one she left behind—and now she has a chance to win him back.

Kade Rivera has carried a torch for Violet since high school, but putting the “boy” in front of “friend” was never an option. Best friends since childhood, they lost touch over the years, but Kade’s never forgotten the girl who stole his heart. And when he sees her again, her bright eyes and sunny smile still make him weak in the knees.

Now that Vi is back in town, it could be Kade’s big chance to prove he’s more than the boy next door. The only problem is Vi’s determination to reunite with her first love. When Kade and Vi are roped in to planning the big Sweetheart Ball, can Kade make her see that the one who got away, is the one who was there all along?

FALLING FOR HER BEST FRIEND is the first book in the LOVE IN HOLIDAY JUNCTION series of standalone romances. Each fun and flirty story is set in the small town of Holiday Junction, WA and can be read on its own, but you’ll probably enjoy reading them in order more. If you love small town romances with strong heroines, swoony heroes, and a quirky cast of characters, download today!

“Franklin populates her story with decent, well-intentioned people, making it easy to root for the mismatched couples as they try to figure out who they're meant to be with. Fans of holiday themes will be drawn to this festive tale. ” – Publisher's Weekly