Falling for Carrick by Erica Breyer


My life’s too complicated for this right now. Mom’s sick, the bills are piling up, and my deadbeat brother won’t get his butt off the couch. The last thing I need is some guy at my new job trying to make moves on me. Every time I turn around, there he is. Offering to show me around, asking if I need help, inviting me to join the team for drinks. As if!

I don’t care if he’s smoking hot…that makes it worse! Guys like this make me mad. Arrogant, persistent, can’t hold down a decent job. Probably thinks I’ll be his next meal ticket. I’m not interested in falling for a sweaty construction worker, no matter how good he looks in those jeans. Carrick? What kind of name is that anyway?

Kelly Hanson hates me on sight. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it – I’ve tried everything to get her settled in as my new site office administrator. Okay, so she’s exactly my type. Smart, sporty, spunky as hell. But dating employees isn’t my thing – even if she would let me get close enough. Perhaps it’s a good thing she’s set on treating me like dirt.

There’s something about her though…something irresistible, something my heart says I need in my world. Something that would mean more than all the millions I’ve earned. Maybe I should be working to earn Kelly’s love…

If you love feisty females, big-hearted billionaires, and men who are good with their hands, you’re going to find yourself falling for Carrick! Heartwarming Happy Ever After guaranteed!

Do yourself a favor: Get. This. Book.
This story is really well written, has characters that are created with tantalizing depth and a captivating story line. It grabs you right from the start keeping you engrossed and turning page after page throughout the whole book! ~ Sleep_Reader – Amazon Reviewer

I totally fell for this book!
Once I started reading, I didn't stop until I finished it. Anxiety, family stress but also family support and love, cute humor, snarky humor and laugh out loud humor, friendship and of course, attraction, chemistry and love. And Carrick being eye-candy doesn't hurt a bit! Falling for Carrick has everything you could want in a romance.
I'm not going to waste your time writing more, except to say: You definitely want to read this book! ~ Shari – Amazon Reviewer