Dessa: Silence in Bloodlust, Book Two by Andreya Lombardi


After a near-fatal encounter with the killer of her parents, Syreene finds herself mixed in a powerhouse of trouble. With her brother imprisoned, to be scheduled for execution, and a large bounty on her head, Syreene attempts to reclaim her life the only way she knows how—enlisting in the militia.

Disguised, her mission is foolproof, according to her. But the young elf fails to account for the bout of rejection stirring in her bones. Once half-elfin now half demonic—Syreene turns into the very thing she hates most and refuses to make it her weakness. But the lack of control over her newly acquired side makes things all the more complicated and complex.

Now the war-bound elf must shift gears and learn to tame the beast within, save her brother, and seek refuge, all while tackling the intricacies of her taboo love interest. Her true self will be questioned beyond the scope of her understanding, down to the very secrets of her prophetic birth.

“This segment has multiple characters arcs and side plots that all tie the main characters together. Syreene the half elf, Cabil the fire maker, and Narus the lycan priest. Can't wait to see what happens to them in book three!” –Amazon Customer