Black Mountain Pack Books 1-3 by Miranda Lynn


Mack: The Alpha's Mate
Being the Alpha’s adopted son has it’s perks, but Mack was never one to take advantage. He was thankful that fate had brought them to pack land and saved them from certain death. Now when the Alpha asks something of him, he will do anything he can to fulfill that request. Even if that request is to find the female that was kidnapped from the pack fourteen years ago.

Casey has stayed under the radar most of her life, trying to hide the gifts that made her an outcast. When those gifts trigger something that has been locked away inside her for years her discovery rocks her world.

Can they adapt to the changes in time to save themselves and their pack?

Rook: Rescuing His Mate

Reuniting with old friends and old secrets in the dark hear of Brazil he finds a world of lies designed to keep him from his true mate.
It's a dangerous world, but Rook will risk it all to purge the pride of evil, bond with his mate, and help the new Alpha take her place as their first female leader.

Sterling: A Second Chance Mate

Feeling the need for a change, fox-shifter, Sterling accepts a mission in Texas to help a struggling pack’s club. The situation is worse than they thought when they arrive but when Sterling meets Reana he knows he’s been given a second chance to have a mate . Too bad she doesn’t want one.

Three great books in one – Amazon Reviewer