Love by the Lake by Julia Lewis

Helen Briggs is a twenty-six-year-old woman who is yet to get her life together. She loses her job in the city and returns to her small hometown to stay with her mother for the summer. Returning to Colebrook, Connecticut didn’t seem like much of a problem to her. But when she gets back and reunites with her best friend, Darcy, she is hooked at the sight of her best friend’s elder brother, Clayton Parker. She had always had a crush on him growing up but nothing ever came out of it. This time, Helen wants him to see her as more than just his little sister’s best friend. But in the process, sparks stronger than a teenage crush may begin to fly. Can she handle this during the summer?

Clayton Parker, a thirty-five-year-old medical doctor, has had his heart broken before. So for him, love was just a fallacy. When he wasn’t working, he was by the lake, drowning in his thoughts and enjoying his solitude. But of recent, since the return of his younger sister’s best friend, that solitude was being disrupted by the sight of Helen taking a swim in the lake. The little girl he had always known is now a fully-grown woman with curves that left his jaw hanging. A lake that used to be his spot becomes their spot. But despite how happy and alive he feels around her, he cannot bring himself to admit to his heart’s feelings. Surely, it was too soon to feel this way toward a woman again.

The summer lasts only for a few months. Would it be just a summer fling for Helen and Clayton? Or would they ever admit to the feelings that surface from spending time with each other?

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