Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frame

Quirky genius Lucy London is not your typical research scientist. But when she lands a hefty research grant at the university, the intellectual nerd must research a topic beyond her comfort zone: people's emotions. Lucy knows the fate of her job lies in this project. The last thing she can afford to do is screw it up. She just needs a test subject to explore emotions and passion…

Campus heartthrob, Jensen Walker is everything a woman wants: smart, handsome, driven, and passionate. His messy and complicated life is perfect for Lucy's research. As she delves deeper into Jensen's world, sparks fly, igniting emotions Lucy never experienced. Suddenly, she realizes one important fact: there's no denying chemistry.

“Perfectly imperfect characters and situations make Frame's debut novel sparkle…there's a very real sense of character growth, brought to life by an evolving narrative style that parallels Lucy's metamorphosis. The blend of humor and heart makes for a thoughtful, highly entertaining read.” –Publishers Weekly