Ghosts and Garlands by Morgan Vale

It's winter in Haven, and Kat has her hands full. A quiet evening with her best friend turns spooky when they encounter a ghost in her basement. Not just any ghost, though — the town’s storied founder herself.

Now Kat, Pepper, and her snarky familiar Albus have a job to do. A grieving neighbor needs their help, and it wouldn’t be a holiday without a little ghostly intervention, right?

And a witchy New Year!

Ghosts and Garlands is a short story set in the Charmed and Dangerous universe. It can be read as a standalone, but you’ll have even more fun with Kat and friends in the main series starting with Potions and Predicaments.

If you like humorous paranormal mysteries with a small-town feel and a touch of magic, you’ll love Ghosts and Garlands. Curl up with your hot cocoa and sink into this festive read!

“It was cute, it had a ghost, a black cat, magic; I liked it! It was my first taste of this author’s work. Now on towards the first full-length book!” — Amazon Reviewer