Ghost of Tomorrow by Maya Rushing Walker

Fifteen year old Beth Burnham has just discovered her cousin Charlie Davis in her woodshed. He's a welcome distraction from the stresses of her everyday life, but things get complicated when they both discover that they are cousins whose relationship spans a hundred years! Charlie is a teenager in 1895. Beth is a teenager in 1995. Whose time are they in, Beth's or Charlie's? And when they finally figure it out, they realize that they now have a choice: does Beth decide to live as a nineteenth-century teenager so that she can escape the sad, dreary reality of her twentieth-century life? Or does Charlie come forward into the future in order to escape the life of the factory manager that he hates?

“Spoiler alert: the ending gave me happy tears. Maya’s writing is so smooth and enjoyable, I read it every night before I went to bed. Is there a better way to end the day?” – Author Teri Case