What Vengeance Comes by Anthony M. Strong

Book 1 in the John Decker Supernatural Thriller series

An ancient evil has been summoned…

John Decker left Wolf Haven, Louisiana, to escape the memories of his troubled past, believing he would never return. But after twenty years working for a big-city police department, he suddenly finds himself back in Wolf Haven, taking the reins as town sheriff. Expecting to spend his time dealing with the trivialities of small-town life, he instead finds a vicious killer picking off the residents one by one. Scrambling to find answers before anyone else dies, Decker stumbles across an age-old superstition, a terrifying creature conjured from the depths of hell to seek revenge.

If you are a fan of James Rollins, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Steve Alten, Graham Masterton, and Michael Crichton, you will love the John Decker series.

I loved this book! It's tremendously exciting horror and I kept a pleased expression of satisfaction throughout. Mr. Strong has a smooth writing style, and leads the reader subtly to the horrors. Not for him is the throw the gore at the wall and watch it splatter approach. Instead, while we are quite frightened (indoors, in daytime, I still kept glancing over my shoulder and watching behind me), we readers are also treated to excellent writing talent and an enjoyable story. I knew when I read The Apartment that this is an author to watch. Exciting! – Mallory A. Haws, Haunted Reading Room Reviews