The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie by Nancee Cain

Book 1 in the Pine Bluff series

Hounded by paparazzi, Dylan McAthie—the former lead guitarist for Crucified, Dead and Buried—craves quiet anonymity to regroup and sort out his life. An accident leaves him dependent on the family he once ran from, with no choice but to return to the small town of Pine Bluff, Alabama.

Hired by Dylan’s estranged brother, private-duty nurse Jennifer Adams remembers the charming boy Dylan was before fame and misfortune. And she notices he’s developed a knack for blaming everyone else for his problems, rather than bothering with introspection. She's not having it.

Despite their clashes, as her patient heals, the chemistry between them grows undeniable—until scandal finds Dylan again, threatening to destroy the progress he’s made and the couple’s growing respect and affection. Can Dylan fix what fame has so easily broken? Or will his public resurrection mean the death of any relationship with Jennifer?

5 STARS This is more than the typical rock star romance. This is the story of man who ran from his roots only to discover that those roots are the foundation of the man he wants to be. This is a story of a young woman finding herself and learning to reach out for what she wants in life. For both of them there are hard lessons to learn but together they may learn something new about life. They both will learn the true meaning of love, the importance of family, and the healing power of forgiveness. Once again Nancee Cain delivered an emotional novel that taps into the complicated core of humanity.– Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews